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Author guidelines

Authors are requested to strictly follow the submission guidelines.

Dear Researcher,
We are happy to have you as one of the contributors to the academic area, in our De Paul Journal of Scientific Research under the eminent De Paul Centre for Research and Development (DCRD), DiST, Angamaly. The guidlines for the aspiring researcher to publish in the DJSR Journal is as follows :

1. All your contributions should be original and not published elsewhere or submitted for publication.
2. Your manuscript must be written in English Language.
3. The soft copy of the manuscript shall be submitted in MS Word editable format in either APA or MLA style sheet.
4. The font of manuscript must be Times New Roman, for title 14 pts, subtitles 13 pts and in text 12 point size.
5. First page of your article must be a Title page which lists details of Authors and co-authors:

Designation :
Organizational Affiliation :
E-mail ID :
Telephone Number Office :
Residence Cell No :
Correspondence Address :
Nationality :

6. Do not include author's name anywhere in the manuscript which prevents blind peer review
7. All manuscript must include 250 words abstract and 5 keywords of the article one line below the abstract.
8. Your contribution may consist of original research papers, articles, case studies and thesis reviews.
9. The manuscript should not exceed 10-12pages, Maximum 3000 words including references & annexes.
10. All the tables, Charts, Figures, Graphs must be in high resolution & clear with descriptive heading.
11. All manuscript will be subjected to peer review that result in either rejection or approval of the article/contribution.
12. The status of your contribution will be communicated within 14 days from the receipt of the article.
13. A soft copy of the contribution should be sent to
14. The publisher will not be responsible for plagiarism alleged with your contribution
15. Copy right of your contribution, once published in the journal, is vested with the publishers. You cannot republish or reproduce it without the consent of the publisher
16. Thoughts, Language, Vision and Examples in the Published Research paper are entirely of the author and not of the publisher.
17. Editing of the De Paul Journal of Scientific Research is processed without any remittance.
18. Only the first author is entitled to receive copy of the journal.
19. All the legal undertaking related to De Paul Journal of Scientific Research is subject to Ernakulam Jurisdiction.